Final Cut Pro: After Effects, Boris FX Adobe Photoshop
Can Dub: Betacam, VHS, DVD, Blu Ray, High 8
Field Editing/FTP Site Uploading
Laptop field editing, FTP site uploading
Skype broadcasting.
Complete makeup and hair kit
Airbrush kit
Complete ENG/EFP Production Lighting Packages
Light Equipment List Upon Request

3 Lectrosonic wireless systems
4 Sennheiser wireless systems
Boom Pole with Sennheiser 416 mic
Sound Design 301 Three –channel mixer
Tram mics
Lip mic
Sennheiser MD 66 hand held mic
AKG Studio recording mic
ZOOM Hand Recorder
JK Audio remote mix
Sony FS7
Sony Z7U (Setup for digital cards)
Sachtler tripod with video 18 head
Canon Mark III DSLR
2 Go Pro HD Cameras
Sony and Marshall Field Monitors
Dual Monitors